You come down to the kitchen after your nap hungry


You- (looking in the fridge ) I told Ray not to let prod come over and eat -___-


You continue to look around then you see a Taco Bell bag hidden the back


You- Yes! (you take it out and heat it up and sit at the table and start to eat it )


Ray-(comes through the door) Y/N? WHERE ARE YOU?


You- (finishing up your taco) in here


Ray- (comes in and goes straight to the fridge) Hey Y/N, where is my Taco Bell bag


You- O.O


Ray- (turns and looks at your plate)You didn’t!


You-I think I did Oops! )Smiles and shrugs)


Ray-(sits at the table and looks at you serious ) I don’t …… I just cant….


You- Don’t worry, you’ll get another taco


Ray- You promise


You- Yes ray ,why don’t we get one now


Ray- Yeah! (gets up hold your hand and walk to the car )


Ray- Next time I’m going to eat something of yours


You- Like what?  Some cake, Chicken?


Ray- (Laughs

) maybe ….. (starts driving and drives off)